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Welcome To Christwalk Church

Welcome To Christwalk Church

Thank you for the opportunity to welcome you to Christwalk Church and to our website!

Christwalk is a family of believers focused on “Loving God, Pursuing the Mission, and Making Disciples.” Just from our name alone, you probably can tell that Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do! We worship Him with passion and joy. We follow Him as we study and enjoy His Word. We share Him with everyone we can!

As an organization, Christwalk provides opportunities for personal growth, worship, service, and fellowship. Maturing as a Christian is important to us. The Sunday worship experience is always outstanding. We strive for unity as we serve our community and our world together. And, we enjoy amazing friendships throughout the CW Family. However, we know that these objectives can only be attained with the help of the Holy Spirit!

When you come to Christwalk, you’ll immediately sense that you are in a “safe” place… a place where you are welcomed… a place where you can be yourself… a place where you really can enjoy the Presence of God. When you come to Christwalk, you may not want to leave!

So, welcome! I hope you’ll accept our invitation to visit us at Christwalk… it’s a place where your desire for God and your “daily life” come together. Who knows? Your visit might just change your life!

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Jim Chamberlain
Lead Pastor

Planning a visit?

We are so excited that you're planning to visit CW! We know that visiting a new church can be intimidating.
What to wear? Where to park? Where to go? Whether you are brand new to faith or if you’ve been in church “all your life,” we want to help you have a great worship experience at Christwalk. It’s a safe place, so, relax and let us help you get ready for a visit to Christwalk. Here are some common questions we’ve answered to make you more comfortable when you visit. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us at info@thechristwalk.com.

Where is Christwalk located?
It is conveniently located on Bailey Road, just off Amelia Island Parkway. After you cross the bridge onto Amelia Island, turn right at the first traffic light (Amelia Island Parkway), go ½ mile and turn left onto Bailey Road. CW is ¼ mile on the right.

Where should I park?
CW is blessed to have “green” areas for parking. If you're a first time guest, we have reserved spots for you in the front. We also have handicap parking near the front entrance.

What should I wear?
We want you to be comfortable. After all, you’re coming because of things much more important than what you wear. It’s not unusual to see people wearing flip-flops, shorts and a shirt or even jeans and golf shirts. Others may wear “their Sunday best,” and that’s fine, too. However you come, we’ll be glad to have you!.

What about my children?
KidsWalk is the perfect place for your children birth to 11 years old. If you would like your children to go to KidsWalk, please escort them to the KidsWalk check-in area when you arrive. KidsWalk is available during the 10am service.

Watch a service online: http://christwalk.churchonline.org/

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