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Kingdom Builders

Who are Kingdom Builders?

The vision of Christwalk Church moves forward at the pace of two things: leaders and resources. Kingdom Builders are individuals in the Christwalk Church family that have the gift of generosity and are committed to resourcing God's church and expanding His kingdom. God has designed a special partnership between the church leadership and those with the gift of generosity. The church leadership sets the vision for the church and those with the gift of generosity set the pace of it. Kingdom Builders is open to anyone who feels called to invest in the Kingdom of God by giving consistently to the Kingdom Builders fund over and above their tithe each year.

What do Kingdom Builders invest in?

People: developing godly leaders, missions trips and outreach

Places: building places of worship

Partnerships: continuous support of key local, national and global ministries

Projects: funding specific, Christ-centered initiatives both locally and globally

Our Partners

Association of Related Churches
The Bible Project
The Chosen
Hope Coffee
Mark & Laura Rowdon
Next Level Relational Network
One Hope
Pate Ministries
Southside Elementary School
Wesleyan Investment Foundation