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Life Groups


Life Groups are centered around one main idea: doing life together.

We believe that God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live for something more. There are three categories of Life Groups:

  • Connect: Focused on connecting you with others in our community.
  • Community: Focused on the Acts 2 model of biblical community and center around biblical teaching, fellowship, sharing a meal, communion, and prayer.
  • Care: Focused on addressing specific, felt needs within our community.

Lead a Life Group

Here at Christwalk, servanthood is our posture. One of the many ways you can serve is to lead a Life Group. Leading a Life Group is not about being perfect, rather it's about using your life experiences to help you minister to others. If you're ready to use your time, talent, treasure, and testimony to serve others, click the button below.



"Getting to know others in a deeper way." ~L

"I think the best part of being part of a Life Group is being able to form deeper relationships with other Christians. We are able to support each other and help one another grow closer to God." ~D

"Finding community with a group of likeminded people and the ability that affords everyone to grow in their faith." ~B

"I love that a Life Group is a safe place that encourages spiritual growth, intimate fellowship and powerful prayer." ~R

"Accountability. Having a reading and workbook assignment keeps group members in the daily habit of scripture reading and study." ~D

"I love that Life Groups are versatile; there's something for everyone! And yet no matter which one you choose you will find an inviting atmosphere to engage in fellowship while building lifelong friendships as you share experiences and encourage one another." ~L

"Something more than a Sunday morning relationship." ~B

"Life Groups...are all about doing life together and everything that means: encouraging [and] building each other up in the faith, fellowship, spiritual growth, finding community, having to share life and so much more. Jesus is life , so each time we meet in His name we gain more of His life." ~R


How often do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups have a meeting length of two yearly semesters: the Fall (mid-August to mid-December) and the Spring (mid-January to mid-May).

Life Groups have meeting rhythms that vary depending on the type of group that you are part of. For example, Community Life Groups meet at least once every other week while Connect Life Groups may only meet once per month.

Where do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, on the golf course, or at Christwalk Church. In short, Life Groups can meet anywhere.

Is childcare available?

Childcare varies depending on the type of group you are in. Community Life Groups are multi-generational gatherings of families that include your children, while Connect and Care Life Groups vary depending on the groups' focus.

Other Questions?

Send us a message below with any other questions you may have.