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Make Room

We're making room for the future of our community!


MAKE ROOM is first and foremost a movement of God. This is - and will always be - about God’s plan for redemption and His incredible love for people. That’s a story worth spreading, and we are forever grateful as we get to celebrate what God is doing as joy and peace are made widely known.

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Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams. Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities. Isaiah 54:2-3

Past, Present, & Future


Christwalk Church traces its roots back to a church plant in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island in 1940. The church relocated to its current location and facility on Bailey Road in the early 1970s. In 2009, what was then Bailey Road Church of God was renamed to Christwalk Church in an effort to put a better foot forward in reaching the unchurched population of Nassau County. In 2015, the church underwent a facilities remodel project to elevate the building’s current footprint to a more modern standard.


Now debt-free and reaching over 200 people each Sunday, we carry the calling of coming alongside people as they choose to live for something more by knowing God, finding community, discovering their purpose, and making a difference for the Kingdom of God.


Christwalk Church’s future desire is to complete and pay off an extension of our current facility as well as launch a second church location in the western part of our county to more effectively reach the growing population. 


What is the “MAKE ROOM” project?

The MAKE ROOM project is an opportunity for our church to invest in the lives of our friends, families, and community. Our expanded facility will make room for people who don’t know Jesus, yet, and make room for God to transform the lives of even more people in Nassau County.

Why now?

God is doing amazing things through Christwalk Church and continues to expand our reach and influence in the community. However, our existing space is not meeting the need for the families who currently attend, nor is it welcoming for new families. We want to overcome current deficiencies in our restroom size and accessibility, kids ministry environments, indoor fellowship and connectivity, as well as our parking lot. This project will position us to comfortably receive the people that God is bringing to us.

What will be included in the project?

We will be adding 3500 square feet to our current facility. This addition will include an expanded and updated indoor lobby and multi-purpose gathering spaces, expanded, updated and more accessible restroom suites, and expanded and updated children’s ministry environments (including indoor check-in area and outdoor play space). Our current building will be updated and/or reconfigured to expand the auditorium/worship space, update our parking, and improve the aesthetic of our HVAC system, as well as update fixtures, furnishings, flooring, etc. MAKE ROOM will also allow us to enhance our audiovisual/multimedia equipment.

How much are we looking to raise?

$750,000 over and above our regular giving.

When will the project be completed?

We plan to complete the project by 2027.

Should I direct my regular giving to the project?

No, your gift should be above and beyond your regular giving. Your regular giving supports the ongoing ministry and operation of Christwalk Church. Take time to prayerfully consider what gift God is asking you to give.

How much should I give?

That’s between you and God. Everyone’s gift will be different. Seek God and His heart for how He’s asking you to specifically partner with us on this journey. Listen to what He is saying to you about whatever step He would have you personally take in your relationship with Him. Obey Him in faith and do what He has put on your heart to do.

Will my commitment be made public?

No, your individual commitment will remain completely confidential.

Will I have an opportunity to revise my commitment?

Yes, you may revise your commitment at any time, either up or down, by contacting the church office.

How will the money be used?

The money raised will be used to build and furnish the additional lobby space, bathroom suites, and children’s ministry spaces, as well as update existing spaces and equipment.

How can I give?

You may give to the MAKE ROOM campaign at 

Is there a way for me to give non-cash gifts?

Yes, we are more than willing to accept gifts of stocks, investments, personal property, and more.

Do I give everything at once or over time?

You can give your gift weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or all at once—whatever works best for you.

Where can I get more information about the MAKE ROOM project?

We will be providing quarterly updates to our regular attenders, and you can visit our website at

What can I do?

PRAY boldly “Lord, thank you for making room for a relationship with me. Help me to make room for others to find a place to call home at Christwalk.”

SHARE intentionally by telling your story of how you and God have made room by taking a short video of yourself and email it to or upload it at

GIVE sacrificially your time, talent, treasure, and testimony.

Preparing for the Blessing: Christwalk Church's Line in the Sand Moment

Introduction: The Power of Lines

Lines. We encounter them every day - waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting in line at the DMV, waiting in line to board a plane. They can be frustrating, but lines also have the power to change our lives forever. They mark important moments, moments we often describe as "line in the sand" moments. These are the times when we step across a threshold and everything changes from that point on.

One such line that changed my life was a tiny pink line on a pregnancy test. It marked the beginning of my journey into parenthood, a journey that has brought me immense joy and growth. And just like that line changed my life, Christwalk Church is facing its own line in the sand moment.

Enlarging and Preparing for the Blessing

Christwalk Church has experienced incredible growth and impact over the past six years. Lives have been transformed, relationships have been built, and a vibrant community has formed. But now, it's time to prepare for what is to come. Our county is rapidly growing, with over 50,000 unchurched or dechurched individuals in our midst. We cannot sit back and be content with what we have. We must enlarge our house and spare no expense in reaching out to those who need Jesus.

The Promises in Isaiah 54

In Isaiah 54:2-3, God gives a command to the people: "Enlarge your house, build an addition, spread out your home, and spare no expense. Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities." These promises hold great significance for Christwalk Church and its mission to reach the lost and restore the broken.

First, God promises that our descendants, future generations, will occupy other nations. This speaks to the idea of leaving an inheritance and establishing a legacy. We are called to extend our ministry beyond our current location, reaching out to new areas and new people. We want to plant another work, whether it be a second location or an additional church plant, to continue the work of bringing people to Jesus.

Second, God promises that we will resettle the ruined cities. This means putting things back in order, bringing rest to the weary, and bringing hope to those whose lives are in ruin. There are so many people in our community who are hurting, lost, and in need of the love and grace of Jesus. We are called to resettle them, to bring them back into a place of wholeness and restoration.

Obstacles and the Need for Expansion

However, there are obstacles that stand in our way. Our current building design no longer meets the needs of our modern and growing community. We are a lingering church, with limited indoor fellowship space, inadequate restroom facilities, and inadequate space for our children's ministry. These obstacles prevent us from fully reaching the people God has called us to reach.

The Vision: Enlarging

But we have a vision. We are going to enlarge our church to better meet the needs of our community. We will create a welcoming entrance with two sets of double doors, expand and extend our lobby space for fellowship, add a coffee bar for a more inviting atmosphere, and update our patio area for outdoor seating.

We will also relocate and enlarge our restrooms for easy access, reconfigure our next-gen environments for better functionality, and upgrade our parking lot for easier navigation. Additionally, we will enlarge our auditorium to accommodate more people and continue to grow.

The New Christwalk Church: A Fresh and Modern Look

The new Christwalk Church will have a fresh and modern look that fits in with our current aesthetic and the surrounding community. It will feature new paint, flooring, fixtures, and furnishings. Virtually everything will be touched and updated to create a brand new church experience.

The Cost and the Call to Give

All of this comes at a cost. We estimate that the project will cost between $1.5 to 2 million. However, we are not starting from scratch. Thanks to the faithfulness and generosity of our church family, we already have nearly $600,000 in the bank to begin the project. We are debt-free as a church, and we are currently paying ourselves in savings as if we had a mortgage on this expansion.

But we need everyone to be involved. We are launching the Make Room Campaign, a three-year effort to raise a minimum of $750,000 in addition to the funds we already have. We believe that with God's guidance and our collective sacrificial giving, we can see this dream become a reality.

Three Ways to Get Involved

There are three primary ways for you to get involved and be a part of this project:

  1. Pray Boldly: Pray for God's guidance and provision. Pray for the lost and the broken in our community.
  2. Share Intentionally: Share your story of what God is doing in your life. Use online resources to invite others to Christwalk Church.
  3. Give Sacrificially: Give generously and sacrificially to the Make Room Campaign. Help us build people and reach the lost.

Conclusion: A New Chapter for Christwalk Church

This is a new chapter for Christwalk Church. It is a line in the sand moment, a time for us to step out in faith and prepare for the blessing that is on its way. We believe that God has great things in store for our church and our community, and we are excited to be a part of His plan.

So let's make room. Let's enlarge our house, reach the lost, and resettle the ruined cities. Together, we can create a community that looks like heaven, where everyone has a place at the table and the love of Jesus is shared with all.